Photos by:Michelle Turnbull

"Colourful Interracial Bengali&Scottish Wedding" 

The Proposal… We met at a mutual  friend’s leaving do in 2007, shortly after both moving to Brighton. Just before Christmas 2010, we started things in earnest with a kiss, a chat and things went from there. In October 2012, Hugh went for it as we were walking along the beach to town discussing how to transform me into a portrait of Dorian Grey and Hugh into a zombie . He wobbled down on one knee on a narrow groyne and gave me the ring he had made – a micromachine (a replica of our blue van) mounted on a ring, coloured blue with our van’s touch up paint :) He knew he’d swept me away as I lept onto his knee, and babbled out the affirmative!

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Oh my GOD
My grandma bought my grandpa new pants and my mom asked him how they felt and he goes “like a cheaply made castle” and we were like what and he goes “no ballroom”

Grandpa yes.

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Zuko — Still Awkward 70 Years Later

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"It’s pronounced like jif"

Yeah well I don’t gif a fuck

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my family and friends trying to get me to leave the house


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i hate it when you’re waiting for someone to text you and someone else texts you but you think it’s them and you get all disappointed when you realize it’s not

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